Young Man Dies after Minor Traffic Accident

Photo of vehicle in front-end car accident.

A young man from Hopewell Junction suffered fatal injuries after being hit by a car on June 29th. Lorenzo Gallardo-Vligen, 19, was involved in a minor two-car crash on the Sprain Brook Parkway in Yonkers, involving property damage to the cars. Gallardo-Vligen exited the car in which he was riding as a passenger immediately after the crash. A driver of a third vehicle, Terrell Smith, who was uninvolved in the crash, was driving north on the Sprain Brook Parkway. Smith saw headlights pointing in the wrong direction on the right side of the road, and shifted over one lane. However, Gallardo-Vligen had begun to walk into lanes of traffic when exiting the car, and Smith did not see Gallardo-Vligen until it was too late to avoid hitting him. Gallardo-Vligen was taken to Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, where he was pronounced dead. Local police are continuing to investigate the accident, but at this point, no charges have been filed against Smith.

After a car accident, even where it is minor or caused only property damage without physical injury, you may feel shaken up and not be thinking straight. However, it’s very important to take certain steps immediately after a crash to preserve both your safety and possible legal claims. First of all, never drive away from an accident, even where only minor damage has occurred. The State of New York requires you to exchange information with parties to an accident that has resulted in property damage. Pull to the side of the road out of the way of moving traffic, if you can, and turn on your hazard lights and use any flares you may have in an emergency kit. Always remain conscious of traffic if you exit the vehicle to inspect the damage or speak to the other driver. Stand as far away from moving traffic as possible. If anyone has been injured in the crash, you are required under New York law to immediately call the police. This will also provide the police an opportunity to write a report of the accident, which may become necessary to have when filing an insurance claim. If any other drivers have pulled over after having witnessed the crash, obtain their personal information so that you may later contact them, should you later require witness testimony.

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