Kingston Bus Accident Attorneys

Basch & Keegan represents bus accident victims in Kingston and throughout Ulster County. Our personal injury lawyers have won compensation for bus passengers who’ve been injured while riding a city bus, as well as for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians hit by public transit and commuter buses.

We represent victims of CitiBus and UCAT accidents.

In Kingston, bus service is provided by the city-owned CitiBus system, while service to destinations elsewhere in Ulster County is provided by Ulster County Area Transit (UCAT). Many locals use CitiBus and UCAT to travel to and from work each day, and seniors who no longer drive frequently rely on the bus system. For those headed to or from New York City, the Trailways of New York commuter bus operates daily.

While the bus network provides a valuable service to people in the Hudson Valley, avoidable injuries do occur on city buses. For example: a bus driver may not wait for an elderly passenger to sit down before pulling forward, causing the senior to fall and sustain an injury. Other bus driver behaviors that may cause passenger injuries include:

  • Making sharp turns while passengers are standing
  • Jumping curbs while making turns
  • Closing doors while passengers are attempting to enter or exit a bus
  • Quickly accelerating to make a green light
  • Sudden braking

At Basch & Keegan, we know how to hold transit companies responsible for a bus driver’s failure to provide passengers with safe transportation. We also look at the operability and condition of the bus to determine if mechanical or equipment issues caused or contributed to an accident. Few Kingston law firms can rival our experience dealing with insurance companies, government entities, manufacturers, and other potentially at-fault parties.

School bus accident involving cars in an intersection.

We represent drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians hit by buses.

We also represent car and truck drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians hit by city and commuter buses. For drivers of smaller vehicles as well as for people on foot, a collision with a large bus can result in catastrophic injuries – and even death. Our extensive experience handling personal injury and wrongful death claims means that we are prepared to win these potentially complex cases.

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