Wrongful Death Representation

The personal injury attorneys at Basch & Keegan have significant experience handling wrongful death actions in Hudson Valley courts. We understand that losing a family member is one of the most difficult experiences a person may endure – especially when the loss occurs suddenly and could have been prevented. By providing strong, caring representation, we strive to help our clients overcome tragedy and obtain the legal remedy they deserve.

New York wrongful death law helps families after fatal accidents.

When a person loses his or her life in an accident and cannot bring a personal injury claim on his or her own behalf, New York law allows the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate to seek compensation from the party or parties responsible for the death. There are five elements that need to be established:

  1. A death
  2. Death is caused by the wrongful conduct of the defendant
  3. Giving rise to a cause of action the deceased person could have pursued if death had not occurred
  4. Survival of one or more persons who suffered a loss as a result of the death
  5. Damages the estate can recover

When damages are awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit, the personal representative recovers the amount on behalf of the deceased person’s surviving family members—those who actually receive the award.

Wrongful death damages cover the loss of income and support.

Damages awarded in wrongful death actions may include the costs of funeral and burial expenses, reasonable health care expenses related to the final injury or illness, lost wages and benefits from the time of the injury until death, the value of support and services the deceased person provided to his family, the value of parental care to surviving children, lost inheritance suffered by surviving children, and conscious pain and suffering endured by the deceased due to the injury.

Our personal injury lawyers have successfully helped many families obtain significant compensation after the death of a loved one. By handling all aspects of a wrongful death case from investigation to trial, we allow grieving families to focus on their emotional recovery – while we work to achieve a maximum damage award on their behalf.

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