Man Deliberately Rams Other Driver with Car in Road Rage Incident

James Dethomasis, 42, of Rensselaer, has been arrested after a recent incident believed to have been spurred by ”road rage.” Dethomasis, driving near the intersection of Hampton Avenue and Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush, rammed his car into the rear of another driver’s car. Witnesses did not report the possible cause of Dethomasis’ “road rage,” and no injuries appear to have resulted from the crash. East Greenbush police have charged Dethomasis with reckless driving, reckless endangerment, and criminal mischief. After being arraigned in East Greenbush Town Court on these charges, Dethomasis was held in Rensselaer county jail pending further court proceedings.

Aggressive driving can include excessive speed, passing other cars in a dangerous manner, and frequent lane changes, and can become road rage once the aggressive driver becomes violent. The New York Driver’s Handbook defines “road rage” as “an emotional state of anger or hostility, which escalates into violent criminal acts, or threats or attempts of violent acts, that result from the operation of a motor vehicle.” Accidents are often caused by negligent, inattentive behavior, and occasionally by reckless behavior, which involves the actor ignoring a known risk. When an individual’s mindset when breaking a law is more intentional, then that individual will be held responsible to a greater degree for any injuries or damages caused. In this case, the fact that Dethomasis appears to have deliberately caused the car accident will mean that he will bear an even greater degree of responsibility for the incident, both in the context of a criminal trial, and in a private lawsuit, should the victims decide to sue.

Tips to Avoid Another Driver’s Road Rage

If another driver appears to be acting in an aggressive manner, don’t try to engage the individual. Avoid making eye contact, remain courteous, do not gesture at them, and do not tailgate another driver. If all else fails, attempt to let an aggressive driver pass you, but don’t pull over to confront the driver in person. If possible, drive to a nearby police station to alert them to the aggressive driving and to avoid being caught in a secluded place with the aggressive driver.

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