Verdicts and Settlements


Motorcycle Accident

The defendant apparently never saw our client coming and made a left-hand turn in front of his motorcycle. Out client sustained numerous fractures and developed a severe neurological condition that affected his ability to eat, swallow, and speak.



A 33 year-old woman was rear-ended by the defendant’s car. She sustained severe neck injuries. Her last attorney recommended that she resolve her case for less than $150,000. She thought the offer was too low and came to us. After a substantial amount of work, we settled her case for $950,000.


Night At A Motel

A family of four spent a night at a motel. While they were sleeping, their rooms filled with carbon monoxide due to a defective air ventilation system. The family became asphyxiated and nearly died. They were treated and made good recoveries.


Kingston Traffic Circle

A 19 year-old was hit while driving on the Kingston traffic circle. She developed a neurological condition that required extensive treatment.


Falling Through A Floor

Our client made numerous complaints to her landlord – who never made any repairs to the house that she was renting. Our client literally fell through the floor and her foot became entangled in plumbing pipes. Her foot was permanently injured.


Propane Explosion

A rusted propane tank that was delivered by the defendant leaked gas into a basement window – causing the house to fill with gas. The house exploded when the homeowners returned home and entered the house. The homeowners were injured and their adult son died.


Untimely Diagnosis

A 34 year-old wife and mother of two died from complications of the chicken pox that were not timely diagnosed and treated by her doctors.


Improper Discharge

A 20 year-old was improperly discharged from an emergency room without her meningitis being diagnosed. The disease spread and her foot had to be amputated.