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Category: Car Insurance

Tire Blowouts Can Lead to Car Crashes

Dec 27, 2015
Tire blowouts are one of the leading causes of car accidents. Blowouts can occur for a wide variety of reasons, including: low tire pressure, damage from an object on the...

What Happens When an Autonomous Car is in an Accident?

Dec 1, 2015
You’ve probably heard about Google’s now-famous self-driving car, and possibly you’ve been skeptical of how safe they may be on the road. Now that the autonomous cars have spent more...

Steps to Take After Your Car is Hit While Parked

Aug 26, 2015
It’s something no one wants to see—you come out to your car parked on the street or in a parking lot, only to find it smashed up. Adding insult to...

Car Insurance Coverage in New York, Explained

Aug 19, 2015
If you’re in the midst of selecting car insurance coverage in New York, you may be looking for guidance. Choosing car insurance in New York can be confusing, especially if...