Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be highly dangerous, as well as painful. After the immediate pain and suffering caused by the burn itself, sustaining burn injuries brings risk of infection and prospects of future surgeries. If you have been the victim of a burn injury as a result of the negligent acts of another person or corporation, Hudson Valley personal injury law firm Basch & Keegan can help ensure you’re fully compensated for your medical expenses and suffering.

Burns pose grave risks to your health

As you may know, burn severity is measured in degrees. First– and second-degree burns penetrate the first and second layers of skin, respectively. Third degree burns – the most severe type of burn – penetrate all layers of skin, reaching the underlying tissues, musculature, or even bones. These types of burns pose the greatest risk of infection. Should a burn result in a bacterial infection, the body can go into sepsis and septic shock – a potentially lethal condition. Suffering a third-degree burn can result in the need for skin grafts to repair the losses in skin, cosmetic surgery, and rehabilitation to regain movement in the affected areas.

Burns that cover a greater amount of surface area on the body will lead to a greater inability for the body to regulate its own temperature. Burns on sensitive or delicate areas of the body – including the face, hands, or feet – may reduce sensation in those areas, as serious burns will destroy the nerve endings contained in the tissues.

Fires bring risk of smoke inhalation, as well as burns

A fire can result not only in burns to the skin, but in physical injury from smoke inhalation. Inhaling smoke can burn airways and also cause damage to the lungs and eyes. If the fire moves quickly and consumes all available oxygen in the space, victims of the fire may not receive sufficient oxygen to the brain, causing them to suffer from brain damage (a condition called “cerebral hypoxia”).
Should you receive burn injuries due to a malfunctioning product, you may have a claim against the manufacturer for designing and selling that defective product. These can include:

  • Gas grills or stove-top ranges
  • Car or truck fires
  • Defective smoke alarms or fire extinguishers
  • Defective industrial machinery

If you’ve suffered a burn injury, make sure that the party responsible for your injury is forced to compensate you for your lost work, medical expenses, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering – all brought about as a result of their negligent or reckless actions. For a free consultation on your possible burn injury lawsuit, contact the Kingston burn injury lawyers at Basch & Keegan for a consultation on your claims, at (845) 338-8884.