Two-Car Accident in Town of Ulster Causes Injuries

An accident in the town of Ulster sent three women to the hospital. Dolores M. Anderson, 28, of Kingston, was driving a 2010 Hyundai with a passenger, Erica Petramale, 38, also of Kingston. Anderson was merging onto Route 209 near the U.S. Route 9W overpass, and in the course of doing so hit the rear of a 2013 Nissan being driven by Barbara Tatarzewski, 62, of Hurley. Tatarzewski had just been forced to stop abruptly to avoid rear-ending a different vehicle, after she had been cut off by that driver. The third vehicle was not hit in the eventual accident. Anderson was taken to HealthAlliance Hospital in Kingston with injuries to her shoulder and chest. Petramale went to the hospital with neck injuries, as did Tatarzewski.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Create Enormous Costs to Society

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that, in 2010, motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. resulted in $242 billion in economic costs, which include lost productivity, court costs, costs of emergency and medical services, congestion costs, and damaged property. This accounted for 1.6% of the total US gross domestic product for that year. Society at large ends up footing a great deal of the cost for car accidents. Costs resulting from congestion, which include greater fuel consumption, pollution from idling cars, and delays in travel, amounted to $28 billion for 2010 alone. Public funds pay about 7% of the cost of every car crash, which resulted in $18 billion in taxpayer dollars, or $156 for every U.S. household. Accidents involving drunk drivers cost the economy $52 billion, and Speeding resulted in accident costs of another $52 billion. The NHTSA estimates that 50% of all auto accident costs are paid by private insurers, and that the victims of these crashes pay about 26% of all costs.

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