Scaffold Accidents Resulting in Scaffold Injuries

Basch & Keegan regularly represents Hudson Valley construction workers hurt on the job, including cases in which a worker was injured because of defective and dangerous scaffolding equipment. Scaffold injuries can be very serious and even fatal – requiring skilled legal counsel to determine the cause of the accident, uncover all potentially liable parties, and accurately assess present and future damages accountable to the injury.

In most cases, scaffold accidents and injuries are preventable.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) study, over 70% of workers injured in scaffold accidents attribute the accident to either planking or support giving way; or to slipping or being struck by a falling object. Many of these incidents are preventable. In fact, OSHA estimates that informed employers and workers in compliance with safety standards can save as many as 50 lives and prevent 4,500 accidents each year.

Scaffold injuries occur when construction companies cut corners.

The following factors may cause or contribute to scaffold accidents – including falls, scaffold collapse, falling tools and debris, and electrocution:

  • Failure to use guard rails and fall arrest systems to prevent falls from elevations
  • Failure to ensure proper scaffold construction and/or access
  • Overloading a scaffold with workers or equipment
  • Failure to routinely inspect a scaffold for visible defects
  • Failure to train workers to recognize hazards
  • Working on a scaffold during storms or high winds
  • Failure to barricade the area below the scaffold to avoid people being struck by falling tools or debris
  • Failure to use panels, screens, canopies, or nets to contain or deflect falling objects
  • Failure to maintain required clearance distances between power lines and scaffolding to prevent electrocution
  • Failure to de-energize power lines and install protective covering to avoid electrocution

While hazardous, scaffolds are often an essential aspect of construction work. There is no excuse, however, for failing to follow safety standards and creating an unnecessarily perilous environment for workers who are already engaged in dangerous tasks. The attorneys at Basch & Keegan have successfully held liable parties responsible for scaffolding injuries outside of the New York workers’ compensation system.

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