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man using phone to search social media

Dos and Don’ts: Social Media Use During Your Lawsuit

By Basch & Keegan |

As soon as a lawsuit is filed, the defense will be scouring the internet for evidence to use against you. They will look for your social media pages and those of your friends, family, and coworkers. They will try to find unfavorable photos or posts where you are tagged, perhaps unknowingly. The defense will… Read More »

Tractor trailer truck on a highway.

Q&A: Tractor Trailer Accident – Who’s at Fault?

By Basch & Keegan |

Question: I was trailing two large semi trucks following each other for about a half of a mile. They were going extremely slow around 30 mph so I decided to pass them because you are allowed to pass on the road I was taking. I see no cars for at least 1 mile in… Read More »

A woman on the ground after a slip and slip, trip, and fall accident on the sidewalk.

Q&A: Fall at a Federal Building – Is There a Basis for a Lawsuit?

By John DeGasperis |

Question: Last Thursday I fell at a federal building in Kingston, NY. I didn’t break any bones but I got quite sick. I have a large bruise on my right arm my knee right is painful. My back is hurting again. In the past I suffered from sciatica. I bumped my head on the… Read More »

An image of a work boot about to slip on a banana peel.

Q&A: What Should I Do if I Slip and Fall Over Debris Left Out on Private Property and Broke My Wrist?

By John DeGasperis |

Slip and fall cases are common, especially during the winter months in the New York Hudson Valley area. From the moment an incident happens – that is the time to do some simple things to ensure that your injuries, the site of the accident, and witness information are well documented. In addition, it needs to be reported properly. It is… Read More »

What to Expect from a Personal Injury Lawsuit

By Basch & Keegan |

Hudson Valley car accident & slip & fall attorneys Basch & Keegan discuss what to expect from a New York personal injury lawsuit.

What Happens When an Autonomous Car is in an Accident?

By Basch & Keegan |

Hudson Valley personal injury attorneys Basch & Keegan talk about what happens when a self-driving or autonomous car gets in an accident.

How and Why Do Trucks Jackknife?

By Basch & Keegan |

You’ve surely heard the term before on the news: a tractor-trailer jackknifes, causing a pileup and hours-long delay on the highway. Read on for a description of what it means for a large truck to jackknife, why it happens, and how it can be prevented. Jackknifing refers to when a tractor-trailer or big rig… Read More »

Dog riding in a car.

Can A Landlord Be Liable for an Attack by a Tenant’s Dog?

By Basch & Keegan |

In New York, dog owners are strictly liable for paying the medical costs of the victim when their animal bites or attacks another, if they knew the animal was dangerous or had vicious propensities. This may be shown if the animal had bitten or tried to bite another person previously or otherwise acted in… Read More »

Photo of vehicle in front-end car accident.

The Five Most Important Items to Bring With You When Consulting With a Car Accident Lawyer

By John DeGasperis |

Your car is wrecked; your body aches; you’ve got medical bills; and the insurance company keeps calling you and sending you paperwork in the mail.  You’re naturally feeling a little overwhelmed by everything that’s going on so you decide to get free legal advice from a lawyer in Kingston about your rights as a car accident victim. Here is a… Read More »