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Black modern car view of side from back to front on a country dirt road.

The Legal Considerations of Auto Technology Advances

By John DeGasperis |

The NY Times recently published an article entitled End of the Road May Be Near for Side Mirrors. This article was interesting to me because it reminds me of the many advancements made in vehicle safety over the course of the last thirty years, as well as the effects those safety improvements have had on… Read More »

A woman on the ground after a slip and slip, trip, and fall accident on the sidewalk.

Q&A: Fall at a Federal Building – Is There a Basis for a Lawsuit?

By John DeGasperis |

Question: Last Thursday I fell at a federal building in Kingston, NY. I didn’t break any bones but I got quite sick. I have a large bruise on my right arm my knee right is painful. My back is hurting again. In the past I suffered from sciatica. I bumped my head on the… Read More »

Compensation for Your Injuries in a Crash, Even When Auto Damage is Minimal

By Basch & Keegan |

Hudson Valley personal injury attorneys Basch & Keegan talk about recovering compensation in a car crash even when property damage was minimal.

Identifying and Understanding Whiplash

By Basch & Keegan |

Kingston personal injury attorneys Basch & Keegan discuss how to identify, understand & deal with whiplash after a Hudson Valley car accident.