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people walking on a slippery road in the winter

3 Most Important Steps if You Slip and Fall on Ice This Winter

By Basch & Keegan |

Ice and snow are common this time of year in Upstate New York. These winter conditions are the main causes of slip and fall accidents during winter months. According to the lawyers at Basch & Keegan, most slip-and-fall accidents are preventable and they occur because the property owner acts negligently. Within the first month… Read More »

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Spada Wins Injury Case Appeal, Causes Outrage in the Community

By Basch & Keegan |

In a recent article, The Kingston Daily Freeman has reported that, “A state appeals court has ruled an injury lawsuit filed against the Kingston YMCA… can proceed…for damages related to a fall [the plaintiff] took in the facility’s parking lot.” The reporter states that this has caused some outrage in the community primarily because: The… Read More »

Maureen Keegan, Personal Injury Attorney at Basch & Keegan in Kingston, NY.

Maureen Keegan Obtains Six-Figure Slip and Fall Lawsuit Settlement for Injured Client

By Basch & Keegan |

KINGSTON, NY — Attorney Maureen Keegan of Basch & Keegan, LLP recently obtained a six-figure slip and fall lawsuit settlement for her client who sustained permanent injuries due to negligence. The victim, an Ulster County woman, slipped and fell on ice while walking across a parking lot at her place of employment. She suffered… Read More »

A woman on the ground after a slip and slip, trip, and fall accident on the sidewalk.

Q&A: Fall at a Federal Building – Is There a Basis for a Lawsuit?

By John DeGasperis |

Question: Last Thursday I fell at a federal building in Kingston, NY. I didn’t break any bones but I got quite sick. I have a large bruise on my right arm my knee right is painful. My back is hurting again. In the past I suffered from sciatica. I bumped my head on the… Read More »

Derek Spada, personal injury attorney at Basch & Keegan in Kingston, NY.

Basch & Keegan Wins Appeals and Client Gets Paid!

By Basch & Keegan |

KINGSTON, NY – Attorney Derek Spada won’t quit until his clients get what they deserve! An Ulster County woman was injured when stepping down from an excessively high step in her apartment building. The step violated several building codes, which the landlord neglected to fix. The case was initially dismissed by the trial court judge, but that didn’t stop Derek… Read More »

An image of a work boot about to slip on a banana peel.

Q&A: What Should I Do if I Slip and Fall Over Debris Left Out on Private Property and Broke My Wrist?

By John DeGasperis |

Slip and fall cases are common, especially during the winter months in the New York Hudson Valley area. From the moment an incident happens – that is the time to do some simple things to ensure that your injuries, the site of the accident, and witness information are well documented. In addition, it needs to be reported properly. It is… Read More »

What to Expect from a Personal Injury Lawsuit

By Basch & Keegan |

Hudson Valley car accident & slip & fall attorneys Basch & Keegan discuss what to expect from a New York personal injury lawsuit.

Can Social Media Posts Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim? YES!

By Basch & Keegan |

Hudson Valley personal injury attorneys Basch & Keegan talk about how social media posts can hurt your accident or injury claim or lawsuit.

Negligently maintained sidewalk

Winter Slip and Fall Cases In Ulster County

By Basch & Keegan |

It has been a hard-hitting winter here in Ulster County this year. Snow plows have been hard at work clearing roads to keep them safe and tons of salt have been spread. Just because the weather hits us hard, it doesn’t mean that life stops. We are used to rough winters here in the… Read More »

Dangerous sidewalk with large cracks - sidewalk accidents

New York Court Holds Municipality Not Liable for Sidewalk Slip and Fall When It Had No Prior Written Notice of Defect

By Basch & Keegan |

In December, the Supreme Court of New York, Warren County, declined to hold the Village of Lake George liable for injuries caused when a woman tripped and fell on a sunken, uneven portion of sidewalk. Since the Village had not received prior written notice of the defect, the court in Koch v. Village of… Read More »